First of all I am Linsey and along with my mum Irene we breed and show our Golden Retrievers.

The first family golden was purchased in 1979 her name was Tara she was KC registered as Mysterious Moonflower she was bred in Glasgow by a Mr & Mrs Gilfedder. We had Tara for 13 years she was a very loyal and loving golden, our closest in nature that we have had since her is the very sweet and calm Breagh. Tara died in her sleep on my grandfathers drive on a sunny day as he went to get the paper. It was especially sad for us as she had been spending her summer holidays with him as we didn't want her to journey too much up and down on the train. The call came as we went to shut the door on our way up to collect her.

Tara - this photo was taken at my nursery we got our photo taken and of course so did the dog.


When Tara died I moaned and moaned at my mum that I would like to have another dog. And although we all loved Tara very much she was very much my mums dog and would never go a walk with me she, you could bribe her with biscuits but as soon as the biscuits ran out she just went away back home. So I promised my mum that if we got a new puppy I would take a lot to do with her and I very much wanted her to be my dog. Anyway, one holiday up at my grandfathers house in Fraserburgh (NE Scotland) my mum asked me and my brother what we would prefer a puppy or a holiday away somewhere different. As much as I didn't like going to Fraserbugh all the time I wanted a puppy even more! So we started out looking for a pup we read the local papers and the yellow pages and came across an advert for a breeder in the Aberdeenshire area amongst the many breeds they sold were Golden Retrievers. So we phoned up and they had a few litters and we went through to se them. Now obviously looking back Zoe was from a puppy farm but the one thing was she was all the puppies were very clean. We had the choice of some very big chunky puppies but both me and my mum fell for this little one lying under a heat lamp with her other smaller sister. So we picked her. Now we knew about Hip and Eye schemes but the breeders lied and told us that they weren't able to be done up there and we accepted that and bought our puppy. When Zoe came home we loved her instantly she was small but had plenty of fun and life in her. I wanted to make sure that Zoe became my dog so I got up every morning and walked her before school and came home in my lunch hour to see to her. But the plan didn't quite work out the cheekiness in her seemed to bond better with my cheeky younger brother and even now in her 14th year they are both still the best of pals he is always insistent that amongst the show dogs there is always a mention of his wee Zoe.

Anyway, that's Zoe and at one point my mum even had a second puppy booked from the same breeder of Zoe but although Zoe is a good dog she is quite highly strung and is not really the calm and gentle nature that my mum was used to with Tara. At that time one of my friends at school used to show her dogs and my mum thought that might be something that I would like to have a go at. She had always wanted 2 children and 2 dogs so she contacted a local show breeder and they put us on to Mandy McDonald (Lamancha) who was expecting a litter out of one of the bitches that they had bred. On the 14th of November 1993 our new puppy was born. Unlike when we got Zoe this time we had to wait on our new arrival. Those 8 weeks seemed to go on forever and I remember that we were getting her after Christmas and New Year and unusually for a child my age I couldn't wait for Christmas to be over with. We went and collected her on the 8th of January 1994 and really that day was the start of a big part in my life. Jade is our foundation bitch and is behind every Linirgor that has been bred. Her kc name is Lamancha Beannachdan of Linirgor and Beannachdan is Gaelic for Blessing and she truly has been!


We showed Jade at a few local shows but at that time my mum didn't have a car, so we were limited where we went. In 1996 my mum got a car and we registered out affix. Linirgor is an amalgamation of our names. LINsey, IRene and GORdon. Jade had her first litter in March 1997 and we kept a bitch Linirgor Aigneach, at the end of December 1998 she produced her second litter and we kept the "B" Boys, Born Free and Bayley Irish Cream. Her third and final litter was in 2000 and it was our wee cheeky Joy L. Dreams of Joy. All Jade's offspring have done well in their own rights. But the real star of the show has to be her grand-daughter Hope (Ch & Ir Sh Ch Linirgor Ever Hopeful JW ShCM) who has won so many awards including being the TOP CC WINNING SCOTTISH BITCH EVER! As I have said I always wanted my own dog that was special to me and although all our dogs are first and foremost family dogs Hope is very much MY dog, she is the best dog a girl could wish for!


We are very fortunate that we have had some great wins in the show ring but all our dogs are family pets first and foremost they spend their time running in the woods, swimming in the river and curling up on the sofa at night.

I hope you enjoy your visit at our site and pop back regularly to check on updates.



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