Billy December 2003

Billy aged 6

Linirgor Born Free

Billy in Ireland

Billy in Ireland for the Muster Circuit

Billy aged 6

Billy Muiravonside 2006

Billy at Muiravonside

Billy winning Best Veteran Dog at the GRCS Ch Show 2006 photo by John McClelland

After winning Best Veteran Dog at the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland Championship Show

Dirty Billy

Billy much prefers getting covered in mud than posing in the showring

Billy at Guisachan

Billy at Guisachan aged 7 1/2 (July 06)

Crazy Billy

Billy at the park

Billy likes to walk along carrying the dummy, I probably should have entered him for his SGWC as he is a strong swimmer, retrieves to hand and picks up pheasants no problem only thing is I never got around to teaching him that he couldn't attempt to eat the pheasant!!!!

Bailey and Billy

Bailey and Billy, two litter brothers that are the best of pals

Billy aged 8

Billy after winning Reserve Best Dog at the Golden Retriever Club of Scotland Open Show

Billy & Bailey

Bailey and Billy on their 10th

Billy on a cold November morning aged almost 11







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