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this is an album showing how our dogs live on a daily basis. Our dogs are obviously show dogs but it is important to stress that they are just family pets first and foremost.

Relaxing on the patio

Our dogs are happy just to relax out on the patio playing with their toys or chewing on a bone. Our garden has a grassed area for the dogs to play on and a slabbed area with a heated double kennel and large roofed run. However, our dogs are NEVER in it. We use it mostly for storage or as a daytime play area for a litter of puppies. Golden Retrievers prefer human company and we will only agree to sell our puppies to families that want a pet that will live in their home. Unfortunatley we don't have acres of land at our home but our dogs get daily walks in either the local 170 acre country park or the 100 acre young forrest that is nearby and of course as you can see by our "swimming gallery" they love to be out splashing about in the river or the pond.

Or sitting on the garden furniture. Our house is for the comfort of our dogs and this patio set has been well chewed over the years!

Hover your mouse over the dog's faces and you will find out who is who

Hope and her favourite toy

Hope and her favourite toy (it's actually a giraffe). This toy was given to her from her friend Brodie when she became a champion and she takes great care not to leave it any where near Billy or he would chew it!

Joy and Hope chill out

Our dogs like to make sure they are comfortable. Here Joy and Hope take a chair each and Bailey munches away on a smoked bone. All you need to look after a golden is plenty of love and a good hoover!

Faith, Stella and Jilly on the sofa

Faith, Stella and Jilly making themselves comfortable on the couch. We often have to resort to sitting on the floor!




Hard life here at Linirgor!

It's a hard life here at Linirgor!

Is that Mum coming home from work?

Bailey and Billy hear their Mum's car pulling up.

Faith, Stella and Hope on my bed

Stella, Faith and Hope taking a nap on my bed.




Faith & Hope (and that giraffe again)



Hope and yes yet again that giraffe

Hope and yet again that giraffe.

Freya likes her new bed!

Do Not Disturb!

I think the sign says it all!!!!

Bailey likes his home comforts

Bailey likes his home comforts!


A selection of photos showing the dogs just relaxing at home, a nice warm day and the dogs just like to relax in the garden.

Bailey in the shade.



Breagh having a snooze in the sun


Billy just chillin' chewing a bone


They also like to go up on the grass and run around

The girls on the grass






________________________________ Joy Hope Billy Stella Bailey Faith Breagh Jilly Breagh Freya Hope Stella Joy Bailey

11th June 2007

A nice summer evening and what better way to spend it then munching on a juicy bone....

(If you are a vegetarian probably best not to look at these photos)

After winning Reserve Best Dog the previous day Billy gets his reward!

I had to take photos as look at the size of these bones in comparison with Stella's head!

Freya is not as used to getting bones yet so at first she was unsure what to do but she soon got the hang of it!

Bailey and Billy getting tucked in.

These bones were really heavy

Breagh and Jade (Mother and Daughter) are happy to share

Jade aged 13 still enjoys munching away on a juicy bone. As well as it being a tasty treat it also helps to keep their teeth clean.

All the girls down on the patio munching on their bones. It is not advisable to leave a group of dogs together with bones unless they are supervised and the dogs are used to eating bones. Our dogs are taught from a young age not to be possesive over bones but if you are giving your own dogs bones for the first time keep an eye on them and make sure each dog has their own space.


©2007 Linirgor Golden Retrievers