(Flyngalee Mtoto x Lamancha Beannachdan of Linirgor)
Pet Name :  "Joy"
D.O.B  : 30th October 2000

Hips - 5/7

Eyes - Clear


KCSB Number gaining her lifetime qualification for Crufts

Best of Breed Winner

1st places at Champ shows in the UK and Eire

Numerous Firsts at Open Shows

Reserve Best Bitch and Best Veteran in Show GRCS June 2010

Flyngalee Mtoto
(3 RCC’s)

Ch Bramhills Pied Piper at Almerak

Sh Ch Stirchley Saxon

Ch Nortonwood Faunus

Sansue Wanda of Stirchley

Bramhills Briar Rose

Sh Ch Gyrima Oliver

Bramhills Rosalind

Flyngalee Mity Nice Girl

Flyngalee Tigers Eye

NU Ch. Mjaerumhogda’s Crusader

Grassyards Nordic Star (1 CC)

Mist O The Hills

Riccarton Golden Syrup

Pagan Mist

Lamancha Beannacdan of Linirgor


Ch Paudell Easter Plantagenet at Kerrien

Sansue Castalian

Sh Ch Styal Shelley of Maundale

Rossbourne Party Piece of Sansue

Kerrien Calypso of Paudell (1 CC)

Ch Oystergold Pandorina of Vinecroft

Ch Okus Jallina of Kerrien JW

Linavon Harmony at Lamancha

Sh. Ch. Linchael Conspiracy of Chevanne

Ch Styal Scott of Glengilde

Sh Ch Linchael Delmoss

Linavon Cassandra

Ch Camrose Fabius Tarquin

Linavon Roxanne

Joy the is the cheeky one here at Linirgor. Her favourite party trick is a Hi 5, which she always does with a big grin on her face. She is a keen worker and an asset in the beating line as her favourite pastime is running in the undergrowth flushing out all sorts of animals and birds. Joy loves her home comforts especially enjoying long lies on the bed and afternoon naps on the sofa. She has also produced some lovely puppies including Linirgor Just Dreaming of Braidwynn who has had a lot of lovely wins in the ring for her owner Elma Winton.

Even in her 12th year Joy is the most exhuberant show dog we have she wags her tail non stop in the ring and still jumps in the air, comments from the judges have included "are you sure she is not 9 months not 9 years!", "that dog should be in a circus" and my favourite "she's a nutter!" I was absolutely over the moon when she won not only Best Veteran in Show but Reserve Best Bitch at the GRCS Open Show in June 2010.

Joy aged almost 7


Joy after winning BVIS and Reserve Best Bitch

Joy after winning Reserve Best Bitch and Best Veteran in Show aged 9 years and 8 months


"she really enjoyed her day out never stopped wagging her tail, good overall balanced bitch, a joy to watch moving round the ring" Joan Maddison (Jaymardy)

"lives up to her name what a joy to see a bitch bursting with enthusiasm and showmanship. This girl could wag all day, enjoying her time in the ring showing all her qualities, well balanced outline, in rich gold coat & good condition, lovely feminine head, straight front, level topline, well set tail which she used when she moved effortlessly round the ring BB & BOB" Gordon Kipps

"Mid gold gleaming coat, lovely gentle head & expression, dark pigment, clean neck, good layback of shoulders, strong legs neat feet, level topline, short loin and well let down hock all went to make very good movement"
Chris Parish

"A very balanced bitch.  Soundly constructed throughout with a lovely head and gentle expression, dark eye and correct earset.  Level topline, maintained both when standing and on the move.  Good spring of rib.  Correct tailset and turn of stifle.  Moved very soundly throughout and well handled!
Arnold Ryder

"Typical balanced head and dark eye, gentle expression, lovely outline, short coupled, sound well angulated quarters moved well."
Helen Winton

" "Super young lady.  Lovely balanced shape, feminine expression good length of neck.  Straight front, neat tight feet well angulated front and rear.  Level topline, excellent bend of stifle.  Moved with drive.  Well up on her toes.  Free stood to perfection.  Liked her lots."
Mr Mark Cooper

"Happy free moving Junior, kept her topline on the move well shaped head, neck, shoulders, straight front and feet.  Good ribs, sound and well handled"
Mrs Valerie Foss




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