(Willowlawn Entent Cordiale JW x Linirgor Luvmelots JW )
Pet Name : "Mimi" aka Mimi the Monster! or as my brother insists on calling her Mavis!
D.O.B : 19/12/2007
Eyes Clear: March 2013 & Clear for GR_PRA1 &GR_PRA2
Hips 3:4 & Elbows 0:0


5 CC & 6 RCC


Show Gundog Working Certificate



Junior Warrant aged only 11 months

9 x Best of Breed

2 x Gundog Group 1 aged 13 & 19 months

1 x Gundog Group 2 aged 10 months

2 x Gundog Group 3

Numerous BPIB awards and on to BPIS

I thought I had better update her blurb as now that she is nearly 3 she has does not behave quite as monsterous as she used to! Although she still does like to chew the odd TV remote. Mimi has turned into an incredibly loyal and affectionate girl, along with her Mum Freya and Auntie Hope she lives full time with me at my place. She stayed during her 1st season and has just never went back home to my Mum's, in those three weeks she bonded with me and like it or not I have been stuck with her ever since.

Mimi very much loves water and just cannot resist a quick dip even if I do not want her to and Auntie Hope's obsession with tennis balls has rubbed off on to her and chasing after one she resembles a Whippet not a Golden. I have been delighted with her show career so far and her latest award of the RCC from Mrs Ann Hagger at NGRA in October has made me sooooo proud. In November Mimi went one better with winning her first CC at Berkshire Downs and Chilterns GRC from Mrs Barbara Gell. Wow just 6 days later Mimi won her 2nd CC on home territory at Gundog Breeds Association of Scotland under Mrs Briony Athey. She the promptly dropped all her coat and had to stay at home over the winter. She returned to the ring in March and on the 19th March at the Joint Clubs Ch Show hosted by Eastern Counties GRC under judge Mrs Hilary Lambshead she gained that magical 3rd CC to make her now Show Champion Mimi the Monster! It was an extra special day for us as breeders as not only did Mimi win in the bitches but her litter brother Oscar won the dog CC! The day finished with Mimi Best in Show and Oscar Reserve Best in Show and Best Opposite Sex.

In December 2011 I was proud that Mimi could show that she has brains as well as beauty. She went to Ampton, Suffolk and successfully passed her Show Gundog Working Certificate doing it on style after being sent on a runner before the drive was over, she then did her usual dive in the pond despite the snowy conditions. 900 miles in 1 day but worth it :) She has been a wee natural and thoroughly enjoys her picking up days and we plan on carrying on with her.

2012 was a quiet year for Mimi as unfortunately she produced a stillborn singleton puppy, she spent the majority of the year growing back her coat and therefore she did not manage to get to many shows, she returned to the ring in October and managed to get to 4 shows before the year was out. Out of those 4 shows she won 2 CC's!

Mimi has proved herself as a first class show dog, a competent working dog and in 2013 she became a Mum for the first time to four lovely puppies. We have kept a dog and a bitch from her and they look very promising.

The 2012 shooting season has been the highlight of Mimi's year this little girl just lights up when she arrives at her shoot.

My wee Champion :) She worked hard this day and retrieved about 15 birds by the time the day was over.

Mimi on her bench at Crufts

And Mimi a couple of days after Crufts very happily running through muddy puddles :)

Mimi after winning Reserve Best In Show at the GRCS Ch Show 2011


Willowlawn Entent Cordiale JW (1 CC)


Fr & Lux Ch Taram Du Bois de la Rayere

Multi Ch Beeangee Jumping Jack Flash

Ch Ritzilyn Cockney Robin

Stanroph Spring Breeze at Beeangee

Int Ch Alibren Mon Cheri avec Stanroph

Ch Stanroph Squadron Leader

Sh Ch Alibren Uhura

Willowlawn The Actress (1 CC & 1 RCC)

Elswood The Jacobite of Bellemount (2CC's)

Sh Ch Jobeka Jasper of Nortonwood

Sh Ch Westley Clementina

Cracksavon Most Sincere of Willowlawn

Muskan Most Likely

Sh Ch Muskan Most Charming of Cracksavon

Linirgor Luvmelots JW



Sh Ch Stanroph Endelwood Nicolas JW


Shazeldon Love in the Soul  JW

Sh. Ch. Alibren Soul to Soul

Shazeldon Edelweiss

Stanroph Sailors Fantasy

Ch. Stanroph Sailor Boy

Stanroph Shere Nectar of Garvin

Linirgor I Luv U

Sh Ch Stanroph So It Had To Be JW

Sh Ch Elswood The Highlander

Sh. Ch. Stanroph So Be It

Linirgor Aigneach

Bluebraes Skye

Lamancha Beannachdan of Linirgor


Mimi and Oscar – Best in Show and Reserve Best in Show. Oscar is being handled by Christine Ashton his “Grandma”as she is the owner and breeder of their Dad William.

Mimi aged 2 1/2

Mimi after winning her 2nd CC, pictured with the judges Mrs V Jones and Mrs B Athey and the dog CC winner

Sh Ch Chadzo Accapella JW photo by Maria Saarnit.

The judge wrote the following critique of Mimi

"A stunning bitch who caught my eye as she entered the ring.Beautifully shaped head with soft melting expression. Good straight front, excellent reach of neck and well angulated shoulders, well laid back. Level topline, well sprung ribs and short coupled. Well bent stifles with good width of second thigh and straight strong hocks. Moved correctly and flowed effortlessy around the ring holding her topline and outline throughout. CC"

Mimi with her favourite toy to sqeaky ball we got for her in Canada

Mimi aged 19 months

Mimi retrieving a hen pheasant

Mimi aged 17 months



"What a beautiful baby! Just 6 months but already showing herself with confidence. Her cream coat was well presented. Pretty head, sweet expression and dark eyes. Shoulders well laid back and good length of upper arm, rear angulation matched front. I will certainly watch her career with interest. BP" Gill Atha (Torsinki)

"This little lady made me tingle when she caught my eye, very pretty 6 months cream in full coat, melting eyes rimmed with black pigment, good reach of neck into well angled shoulders, straight front, deep through chest, short coupled with rear angles giving a balanced profile, moved very happily, promising future for this baby. BP" Liz Fisher (Palizola)

"gorgeous head, dark eye & excellent pigment, well bodied, correct front angulation, good bone, deep in chest, nice straight legs with lovely catlike feet, level topline, good bend of stifle & excellent width of thigh, correct tailset, a beautiful puppy who should have a good future in lovely clean condition a credit to her owners" Doreen McGugan (Invergoil / Culzean)

"loved this puppy the minute she entered the ring, gorgeous sweet feminine head, fantastic front, good bone for one so young, beautiful coat, moved with drive & presented & shown to perfection, should have a good future" Karen McGugan (Invergoil / Culzean)

"The shape and balance of this 6 month old really appealed. If she retains it whilst growing she’ll take a bit of beating. Very well constructed all through. Reachy neck well set into a strong back line. Very good bone, excellent feet. Well angulated fore and aft with good body properties for age" Yvette Mannings (Gatchells)

"lovely 10 months old balanced bitch. Feminine head, gentle expression, dark eye and good pigment. Good angles fore and aft. Straight front with good bone and tight catlike feet. Level topline. Moved and presented well and at one with handler. Pleased to award her BOB and to see her take G2." Corinne Endean (Chlodyl)

"Beautiful 10 month pale coated puppy, lovely melting expression well laid shoulder and upperarm, level topline good bend of stifle moved well promising youngster" Gordon Smith (Goldflame)

"What a star. BP & BPIS. Loved this beautiful cream with balanced head, dark expressive eye and neat ears. Clean neck of good length leading to well placed shoulders. Straight forelegs and neat feet. Nicely bodied with good depth to chest. Short coupled and level topline. Good width and angles to hindquarters. Straight neat hocks. Moved well with waggy tail" Penny North (Tippastree)

"well grown pale gold baby, sweet head & expression, well shaped eye, lovely front angulation, ribcage developing nicely, good broad hindquarters, well boned limbs & round feet, moved with drive" Diane Dale (Mindaro)

"beautiful feminine puppy in full cream coat, presented a very good outline, pretty head with soft gentle eyes of correct shape, excellent pigment, very good reach of neck, straight front with well angled shoulders & enough upper arm, strong bone, good topline & tailset, quarters well shaped & on the move she showed good reach & drive" - Anne Hagger (Fairfield)

"She caught my eye when she entered the ring, absolutely stunning example of our breed, lovely head type, kind soft expression with darkest of pigment, good lay of shoulder with good length of upper arm, straight front, correct spring of rib for age, short coupled, excellent topline with well set on tail, good bend of stifle, moved very well with drive in beautiful pale gold coat, well handled" Janette Morrissey (Shepedor) Mimi won BOB then later Gundog Group 1

"This was a very nice class of youngsters and hopefully a number of them will go on to become impressive mature girls over the years.  The winner had excellent proportions, sweet head and expression, lovely neck and shoulder angulation, correct bend of stifle and short hocks.  Short coupled body, good bone and feet, moved very well.  Profuse pale coat beautifully presented." Sue Almey (Arbutus)

"A clear winner, such a beautiful pale golden youngster, free standing and wagging her tail, so very well balanced both standing and on the move, fills the eye.  Gorgeous head and melting expression, superb neck and shoulder layback, so well angulated front and rear, well presented and at one with her handler, moved accurately, effortlessly and freely.  One from the top drawer with that undefinable something special, completely stunning and with maturity I predict great things for this one, a worthy successor to her veteran kennel mate, just loved her." Kim Ellis (Tenfield)

"what an absolute stunner, seriously considered this bitch for the RCC, only her immaturity stood in her way. She has everything necessary to get to the very top, most appealing head & expression, super dark pigment, beautifully balanced with text book angulation, though neither to excess, presenting a harmonious whole picture, moved out well with super drive" Jo Naylor (Frankby)

"Another beautifully constructed bitch, so balanced and together in her outline. Lovely angles ends, very attractive head, clean flowing neck into super front assembly. Well handled and shown, moved positively with drive." Mrs Anne Woodcock (Stanroph)

"What a little cracker! This quality pale bitch, with personality plus stood out for me. Shown in good coat & condition she is feminine in every way. Beautiful head & expression enhanced by dark pigment, good neck, super angulation front & rear, level topline & shown free standing, four square on the neatest of feet. She moved with good head & tail carriage, showing purpose & drive, yet maintaining the elegance I look for in a Golden bitch. I thought she was stunning & was very pleased to award her Best Bitch & also BOB" Carron French (Caffimbra)

"beautiful balanced girl who looked the complete picture here, in superb condition, most feminine head with true soft expression, excellent angulation both fore & aft, straight front, correct shoulder & upper arm, level topline, strong well angulated quarters, moved soundly with drive, outstanding quality. Truly deserves her title. CC" Ray Strudwick (Burpham)

"wow! Headed the sort of class you just dream of having the opportunity of judging. Love everything about this beautiful girl, from her sweet feminine head with melting expression she just flows seamlessly, perfect proportions throughout combining elegance with correct construction. Superb reach of neck into excellent shoulders with good length of upper arm, level topline, well bent stifles & short parallel rear pasterns. Always attentive, on the move she is effortless with super head carriage. Well presented & skilfully handled to perfection to get the absolute best out of her. CC" Christine Ashton (Willowlawn)




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