Pet Name :  "Zoe"
D.O.B  : 10th February 1993 - 30th July 2007

On Monday the 30th of July Zoe was put to sleep at home to save any further suffering, my brother Gordon traveled up from London to be with her and she went to sleep in his arms with us all around her.

How to describe Zoe............I am probably not the best person to write about Zoe's personality as Zoe and I never particularly saw eye to eye. Funny that as Zoe was bought to be my dog .I'd moaned and moaned for another Golden when our first one Tara died and eventually my Mum relented and got Zoe. I was desperate for her to by MY dog so I'd get up early in the morning to walk her before school, catch the bus home to see her at lunchtime but for some reason we never really bonded. Her cheeky boisterous nature suited my cheeky and boisterous little brother. They'd have hours of rough and tumble together and Zoe adored him as he adored her. If you'd ask Gordon who's your favourite dog he'd say Zoe ask who the 2nd favourite was and that was still Zoe he only had eyes for her and she only had eyes for him. When it was obvious that Zoe had to be put to sleep my Mum called my brother he was in the pub watching football she didn't say too much as she didn't want to upset him so she was shocked when the next morning he arrived home from London he'd caught a train home to be with his girl. She was put to sleep lying in his arms.


1st Prizes in Obedience

Our Zoe, not a show dog just a loyal and loving pet.



Gudge's beautiful dog

Zoe and her Mummy

Zoe with her Mummy

Aged 14 and still having a wee run in the park

Our dear Zoe, running in the park this spring aged 14 1/2.


We miss you ZoZo x.




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